Julia Mandeville

Programs Development Assistant

Hi! My name is Julia, my friends call me Jules, Ju-Ju or just J. I am a 29-year-old Barbadian (self-proclaimed) nerd and health advocate 😊.  I grew up in St. David’s Village Christ Church, attended Harrison College, then UWI Cave Hill. I have a BSc (Hons) in Biology with Microbiology and a Master of Public Health with Merit from the University of Manchester. I am currently stoked to be the SRHR Program Development Assistant for the Sister 2 Sister safe space project as I’ve always strived to work in the region in health promotion and development! I believe I have been called to work specifically in the arena of women’s health. I also currently teach children to be excited about science whilst simultaneously ensuring they don’t blow up anything or anyone (so far so good!), work as a public health consultant and head a local charity focused in advocacy related to Endometriosis (Endo-wuh?! Ikr, please feel free to ask me more! ). When I’m not working I love to…. sleep (heh heh), “lime wid my frens”, watch movies, read, travel, and eat all the food I can (foodies unite!). By my side is my hubby Brian, with whom I share two dogs and a cat (she thinks she’s the queen of the home!).