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The HERStoire Collective is a team of individuals who champion women and girls’ advancement, sexual and reproductive rights, health and wellness, with a focus on females of the Caribbean diaspora in all their diversity. The brainchild of Dr. Robyn Charlery White - a Saint Lucian Public Health Researcher, the collective was established in 2016 to address the intersection of all aspects of sexual health, gender-power differentials and inequality experienced by women and youth of the Caribbean diaspora. Herstoire advocates for centering and improving the lives of Caribbean women - self-care, liberation through pleasure, and healing justice. HERStoire effectuates and inspires agents of change through interdisciplinary and multidimensional practices of Health education – Empowerment – Research – Stories.

Our platform empowers you to amplify your voice on the culturally "taboo" topics that no one wants to talk about, that you may be too scared to talk about, that you would change so many lives with - if only you would talk about.

"When the whole world is silent, even one voice is powerful"

Our Mission

Our Mission

To champion women and girls' advancement, sexual and reproductive rights, health and wellness, with a focus on females of the Caribbean diaspora.


Our Vision

To fully dismantle the stigma attached to girls and women’s sexual health, sexual and reproductive rights, sexuality and sexploration. To create a world where women, girls and youth are free to express, free of shame, free of undue harm, and free of the notion that these topics are taboo.

Our Core Values

Advocacy | Breaking the Silence | Collaboration | Education | Empowerment | Research

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Meet The Team

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Dr. Robyn Charlery White (she/her)

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Executive Director; Co-Founder

Dr. S. Robyn Charlery White is a published Public Health research scholar, consultant, and women’s rights advocate. Her evidence based work in Black, Caribbean, and marginalized subgroups focuses on gender disparities in sexual, reproductive health, wellness and rights. As a passionate Caribbean Feminist, sex-positivity and wellness advocate, she intends for her work to inform relevant programming and policies that affect women, and to continue permeating and breaking down the boundaries of harmful cultural gendered norms in the Caribbean. She is deeply humbled to lead the Herstoire Collective and continues to be inspired by its team of fierce advocates, researchers, stakeholders, partners, and most importantly, its beneficiaries.

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Tiala Scott (she/her)

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Co-Founder, Director

Tiala Scott is the Co-Founding Director of Herstoire Collective. She is a dual major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Spanish at The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania and is passionate about women’s empowerment, education and rights. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, planning, and playing golf.


Kesan Samuel (she/her)

Executive Team Member

Kesan has Bachelor degrees in Biological Sciences, and Human Development and Family Sciences, and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health. As an emerging Public Health professional, she is passionate about Reproductive Health and Rights, and Women's Empowerment; and is thrilled to explore these interests as part of the Herstoire Collective’s Executive Team.


Jassica St. Rose (she/her)

Executive Team Member

Jassica St. Rose is a bold, outspoken and strong-willed human rights activist. Jassica’s staunch position is that human rights are basic rights that belong to everyone by virtue of being human. In addition to serving as a Herstoire Executive Team Member, Jassica also serves as a Board Member of United and Strong Inc. -  a Saint Lucia based LGBTQ+ NGO, she is the Caribbean Representative on the ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) North America/Caribbean Board, co-founder of Saint Lucia Pride, and recently co-founded The Regional Organization of Women in Leadership.

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