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Code of Conduct

In an ongoing effort to provide a comfortable environment for all the users of the Sister2Sister Safe Space Chat, the HERStoire Collective has employed the use of a Code of Conduct that all users are expected to abide by.

The HERStoire Collective reserves the right to terminate any of its user’s access from this space without notice or question. HERStoire also reserves the right to delete any content found to be in violation of its Code of Conduct.

The Sister2 Sister Safe Space chat is intended to facilitate the sharing and receiving of practical information  on a range of issues affecting women, support and referrals to programmes and services which meet the individual SRH needs of women aged 16-24.


Please ensure that your conversation and comments are in keeping with the general theme of our Safe Space (i.e. related tom to issues affecting women, sexual reproductive health and rights and health and wellness.)

If you encounter any technical problems, or have complaints (including, but not limited to, the actions or behaviour of other users), do not post this in the Chat Room. Instead, contact us at

Sister 2 Sister Safe Space Chat Etiquette

  • Offensive language, remarks, offensive jokes and harassment will not be tolerated.

  • Offensive user nicknames will not be permitted.

  • We request that all Sister2Sister Safe Space Chat users respect one another at all times.

  • We expect Sister2Sister Safe Space Chat users to engage in meaningful, relevant and constructive discussion.


By entering the Sister2Sister Safe Space Chat you agree that you have read, understood and accept the Code of Conduct.

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